Disrupt. Change. Resist. Surprise. Challenge. Heal.

This is Ms.Rupt.

Rory Green and I started Ms.Rupt to continue conversations we were having – together and separately with other women fundraisers – about our experiences in the profession.

We noticed a paradox:

  • Our nonprofits seek to be change agents, yet we are confronted with archaic systems, dominant culture power dynamics and the tyranny of bureaucracy.
  • Our causes fight for dignity, yet as fundraisers we sometimes find ourselves demeaned by peers, funders and leadership.
  • Many charities champion equality and equity, yet we often do little to support one another as female fundraisers.
  • We advocate for a better world, yet we experience abuse, bullying or harassment in our workplaces.
  • Much of our work is around diversity, and yet we often see a lack of diversity in our workplaces, boards and volunteers.

Time to disrupt the status quo.

We recognized that change starts with awareness, followed by discussion, leading to individual acts.

Ms.Rupt became a way to voice conversations about real-life challenges:

  • Who is more valued among generations – when thinking of donors and co-workers.
  • The dynamics between co-workers with children and those without.
  • Bullying (subtle and overt) in the workplace.
  • The tension between building donor relationships and needing bottom-line results.

We gather to bring together women who share an interest in fundraising and provoke a stimulating conversation around a single topic. Ms.Rupt is not a group to share complaints, but rather a safe place for dialogue and shared learning. We recognize the value in diversity of experience and inclusion of different voices. The group includes those who have been in fundraising for different lengths of time and have diverse and intersecting experiences. To be added to a separate invitation list for Ms.Rupt, please fill out the form below, indicating your interest in attending and if you would be willing to host.

Our next event will be Saturday, May 27, 1:00 – 3:00 pm in Vancouver. I hope you’ll join us!

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