Are you hearing the chatter I’ve heard?

“To ask, or not to ask” the donors, that is the question dividing many in the nonprofit space.

I say, “YES! Please do.” PLEASE. DO. It’s time to act.

Today it’s no longer business as usual. We can’t live life as before. And we need nonprofit leaders to stop hesitating.

Now is a time for BOLDNESS.

We have experienced crises before. Financial collapse. Personal catastrophes. Community disasters.

When a crisis strikes, the solution doesn’t magically arrive. The answer doesn’t tiptoe in.

No. Crisis arrives and knocks us sideways. Chaos swirls; we are shocked and shaken. A crisis is interrupted by only one thing – bold action. Diving in to save a drowning child. Stepping forward to confront a bully. Shouting to rally a community.

Did you have an impulse to boldness? Perhaps your instinct was tamped down by fear. Squelched by inertia. Thwarted by uncertainty.

Wake up. Boldness comes alive through action. Where do we see boldness?

  • Boldness is leading even when the path is obscured, even when you don’t know the answers, even when you can’t rely on GPS. Boldness is leading while revealing your vulnerability.
  • Boldness is welcoming the new. Your diktat may have been, “You are not allowed to work from home.” Boldness welcomes the inventions that come from necessity and the inventions that come from creativity and optimism.
  • Boldness is saying, “Yes!” to fundraisers who yearn to make contact with supporters – even if you personally dread being called to chat, being asked to give, being asked if you need help.
  • Boldness is inviting donors to be the change agents they really want to be. It’s recognizing the heart and vision of your mission are as important as ever.
  • Boldness is weighing both the now and the when – keeping today in mind while thinking about the six-month and two-year horizons.
  • Boldness is recognizing you and others have survived uncertainty before. Maybe it was January 2000. Or September 2001. Or Fall 2008. Take heart. You are here and have a purpose. Recall the lessons learned and inspire others with your lived experiences.
  • Boldness is believing in the team – individually and collectively. It’s listening to ideas from someone new: a junior team member, a colleague new to your charity, or the introvert you never heard before. Bold ideas often lurk in unexpected places.
  • Boldness is listening and hearing: “When will we be together again?” “When can I stop being afraid?” “Will I still have a job?” Boldness holds space for these questions and those brave enough to voice them.  

As a nonprofit leader, when will you find your boldness?

Be in touch with your donors – in bold ways. Double down on gratitude for their past and continuing support. Believe in the desire to help others in need. Create community. Give freely of yourself.

Don’t feel ready to be bold? Then cheer on the others who are making bold moves. Or join them and be part of the solution.

The whole world is depending on charities and nonprofits more than ever.

It’s time for boldness.

If you’re ready to realize or maximize your potential, get in touch with me. I’m available to coach those ready to be bold.

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