All The Things You Wrote

Last year my grandma gave me a big envelope, contents bulging. "What is it?" I looked in. "It's cards and letters," she said. "I don't want my kids having to clean things up," she added in her no-nonsense way as I pulled out a card. They were written to her from me...

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Let’s resolve … to lead with gratitude in 2016

Welcome to 2016! In the lead up to the New Year, did you see your inbox piling up with end-of-year asks? I sure did. In those last days of the year, there was quite a bit of chatter on Twitter about that. But this tweet from The Whiny Donor struck my heart......

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DonorLoveRevolution – Guest Blog

Welcome guest blogger, Rebecca Farrell, reporting from Ontario! Let’s Create a #DonorLoveRevolution Let me guess, you read #DonorLoveRevolution and wondered, “What is that? I want in!” So you continued reading! Great! Now that I have you here, I have to tell you, that...

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Are You a Treat?

Halloween is my kind of season. The changing leaves, the crispness returning to the air, pumpkins in various stages of fright and delight greet you at every turn. More than that, I'm a Halloween baby! And a fundraiser. Let me share my six insights to how fundraisers...

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Ups and Downs

I was chatting with my pal Ephraim the other day. When I say "chat" I mean messaging because he lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel and I live in Vancouver, Canada. (I suppose one day we might find a half-way point, and meet on Ilha das Flores in the Atlantic Ocean,...

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Fundraiser as Tugboat

I'm in Chicago meeting with my colleagues. We have a widely distributed team and we are looking toward year-end, adjusting metrics and planing for 2015. As it is for many fundraisers, this is intense work. Last night I decompressed over some FaceTime with Rory Green....

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Appreciation, Gratitude and Thanks

Shanon Doolittle and I are having so much fun leading the Gratitude Camp! For those campers hanging with us, I've brought together my previous posts about appreciation, gratitude and thanks. Other readers might be interested too. Because, really, you cannot over thank...

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Hi there, I’m Beth Ann

For me, fundraising is a calling.
I enjoy everything about being a fundraiser. Working with a team, working with donors, finding connections, building trust, and welcoming the heartfelt gifts of donors inspires me.



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