Pain Relievers

Have you ever had a child, a pet, or a friend in pain? Some searing pain, a throbbing joint, or a broken heart. Photo: Unsplash/ Kat J The first thing you want to do is make it stop. You want to be the one who "makes it all better." You offer something that will act...

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It’s Time for Boldness

Are you hearing the chatter I’ve heard? “To ask, or not to ask” the donors, that is the question dividing many in the nonprofit space. I say, “YES! Please do.” PLEASE. DO. It’s time to act. Today it’s no longer business as usual. We can’t live life as before. And we...

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Connect with Donors – especially during Covid-19

What should we be prioritizing now? Connection. During the coronavirus era, many of us are isolating, sheltering-in-place or simply keeping apart. Yet most of us are spending time reaching out to family, friends and colleagues. Are we keeping in mind our connection...

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#MeToo in the Nonprofit Sector

I am an advocate of surfacing some of the difficult topics occurring in the nonprofit sector. As a fundraiser and a woman, I believe that those of us working in the nonprofit space should work to uplift the downtrodden, advocate for those with no voice, fight for...

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18 New Rules for 2018

I'm so happy to be spending the Christmas and New Year holidays with my daughter, Lorraine, in Rio de Janiero, Brazil - a mix of adventure and relaxation. So far, I've unplugged almost completely  (although here I am writing, escaped the cold winter, had fun with...

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Raise Your Eyes, Raise Your Voice

Most of my readers know that I live and work in Canada, but I'm American by birth and citizenship. It's been very painful to watch the increasing violence and public demonstrations of hatred in my country, which seems to have gotten worse. My Canadian pal and...

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Fundraisers Need Gratitude

This is the last in a three-part series on why fundraisers need grit, grace and gratitude. Why fundraisers need gratitude. I firmly believe we need more gratitude in this world, full stop. Not only fundraisers, but everyone. So, my post starts from there. But here are...

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Hi there, I’m Beth Ann

For me, fundraising is a calling.
I enjoy everything about being a fundraiser. Working with a team, working with donors, finding connections, building trust, and welcoming the heartfelt gifts of donors inspires me.



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