I just finished re-reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s excellent book, “The Thank You Economy.”

This book is perfect reading for the fundraising professional. Gary nails why on page one of chapter one: “In fact, no relationships should be taken for granted. They are what life is about, the whole point.”

Gary’s book geared to people interested improving their business and how social media can improve their business relationships, but nearly every page touches on the importance of relationships and how they were, are and will be the most important connections we have. He talks about how what he terms “The Thank You Economy” strengthens relationships of all types.

I grabbed the book as I walked out the door on my way to Nashville. I was thinking about the principles he discusses in the wake of the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. Also, I believe that appreciation is the root of sustaining donor support over a lifetime and there are so many principles we forget in the rush of going about our work. The book is the perfect size to digest in a cross-country flight.

Gary speaks in a very passionate and forceful way about how vital relationships are to success. They happen, he says, “in the small, personal interactions that allow us to prove to each other who we are and what we believe in, honest moments that promote good feelings and build trust and loyalty.”

Gary explains how social media helps us scale these iinteractions, our relationships, to much broader audiences. This is a great book if you want to offer a great road map on how social media offers the next engagement platform for customers, donors and stakeholders and even those who are not yet supporters.

If you are in the Seattle area, I encourage you to visit the Elliott Bay Book Company to pick up a copy (and hey, stop by Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream while you are there!). Or visit your favorite independent book seller or Amazon will fly it out to you.

Gary is engaging and provides real-world examples of how building relationships has never been out of style, but the channels we use are continually in flux.

Have you read the book? Share your thoughts and insights.

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