Fundraising to the heart

Helping ambitious fundraisers grow and connect with donors in creative ways

Fundraising to the heart

Helping ambitious fundraisers grow and connect with donors in creative ways

I love being a fundraiser.

And I hope you enjoy this career too…


I believe relationships are the key to everything we do.
Building strong donor relationships is a vital skill for any fundraiser.
That’s one reason fundraising isn’t simply my profession, but my passion.

I’m Beth and I’m an open-hearted fundraiser and a leader of the next generation of ambitious nonprofit women.

Philanthropy fuels the change we need in our world. That’s why I believe fundraisers have one of the most thrilling careers. We inspire those who wish to change the world and connect them with the means to do it – through our charities. Through this power, donors are able to create healthy, strong communities. And skilled fundraisers can make those connections.

Are you feeling uninspired at work? Fundraising is the best, but office politics, lack of leadership and in-the-box thinking can be stifling. Let me work with you to bring back the excited feeling stepping through the office door.

Do you want to discover your strengths and how best to use them to soar in your career? We all have talents that come naturally to us, and other skills we need to work on – or work around. Let’s work together so you can put your best foot forward – with supporters, with your colleagues and with your boss or board.

Would you like to hone your skills working with major gift donors and high net-worth prospects with greater ease and confidence? I’ve been there and done that and want to talk with you about how YOU can excel where you are and become a trusted, cherished fundraiser in your community.

Let’s set up a time to chat and get to know each other and explore how you want to grow. Visit my work with me page learn more!




And those are the building blocks of fundraising and relationships.

In the meantime, I’ll offer you tools, inspiration and strategies to work with donors, meet prospective supporters and inspire new giving. Check out my blog or start a conversation! Join us for a Ms.Rupt discussion or dive into my resources. I’m here to help you!

Let’s connect!


Ms.Rupt is a community of women fundraisers who embrace diversity of thought, experience & opinion, disrupt the status quo, and move philanthropy forward.

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